Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Dr. Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Doctor of Medical QiGong and Reiki Master 
Healer, Teacher, Speaker

I am looking forward to seeing you at upcoming events and courses!

Saturday, February 24th at 11:30 am -12:30 pm

QiGong classes 

at Green Heiress in Aspinwall

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Explore QiGong through the Tao Yin Five Elements within the greater understanding of the Yin and Yang within us and our lives. This class is great for the novice or more practiced and weaves in theory found beneath the surface of this ancient flow practice designed for greater health, vitality, and connection to your internal and external experience. Join me in cultivating your Qi flow and developing a greater perception of the assertive and receptive forces at work within our bodies, minds, personalities, and worlds. You will learn Breath, Grounding, Clearing and practice forms associated with the five major Yin body organs, with two organs focused on each class. Those with restricted mobility are welcome, as all forms can be adapted. Seated participants are accommodated.

Julie Long's Curating Calm class held just before is a great complement or warm-up to this class.

free class!

Saturday, march 10, 2018 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Field Work:


~Clearing ~Grounding ~Protecting

Spring cleaning never felt this good or was so much fun! Get in touch with your energetic body and what that means while harmonizing your physical, emotional and mental selves during an hour of compelling and engaging real-life practical approaches to quickly and beautifully clear the cobwebs of toxicity (yours or that of others) hanging around since winter (or longer!), organize your priorities (concepts, themes or tasks) by actively moving that energy forward or backward in the line-up and establishing a realization of commandand renewed boundaries for yourself (oh, and others ;-).

                          Classes will be held at Green Heiress, Aspinwall PA

Green Heiress Holistic Health 
209 Commercial Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15215


Sunday, march 18, 2018 1 pm - 2 pm

the journey body, mind, spirit expo

I've been invited as a special guest presenter at the upcoming JOURNEY in Monroeville! Get into the Flow, and Discover the Secrets of Your Inner Guidance and How to Awaken its Power for Spiritual Growth featuring QiGong + Sacred Geometry RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! 

Join Kim chestney, author of psychic workshop and my collaborator for intu-qi during the all weekend show at the journey at monroeville convention center from saturday, March 17-sunday march 18

visit our Booth for mini-sessions & class offerings!

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  • earn certifications for your personal and professional development  
  • actively participate in your own healing and that of others
  • MY DEAR FRIEND, Jennifer Evanko, of JEVOLVE, is sponsoring an incredible set of workshops and a truly deepening and expansive journey 

saturday, july 21, 2018

spirit spa

once again, kim chestney and i along with a roster of gifted practitioners will be joining a retreat experience. please check back or CONTACT ME DIRECTLY FOR DETAILS! SPACES ARE LIMITED.