Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Dr. Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Doctor of Medical QiGong and Reiki Master 
Healer, Teacher, Speaker

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QiGong Classes

at Green Heiress in Aspinwall

Resuming September 9, 2019 
Explore QiGong through the Tao Yin Five Elements within the greater understanding of the Yin and Yang within us and our lives. This class is great for the novice or more practiced and weaves in theory found beneath the surface of this ancient flow practice designed for greater health, vitality, and connection to your internal and external experience. 

Join me  for a fun and energy-shifting class!
Whether you are old or new to the practice, and regardless of your condition, QiGong assists in dis-ease prevention and promotes healing in all areas of your life, helping to revitalize, clear, ground and enhance  your well-being.

Classes held at
Green Heiress, Aspinwall PA
Green Heiress Holistic Health 
209 Commercial Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Please join us for our upcoming Conscious Cafe on Thursday, October 24th 11 AM - 1 PM in Highland Park. We are proud to be featuring author and former CEO of National Wildlife Federation LARRY SCHWEIGER as our guest speaker. Seats are limited, please check out our Facebook page or contact me by email to RSVP.

Conscious Cafe is dedicated to stimulating awareness and elevating consciousness to the betterment of all by evolving minds and practices, energizing leaders and broadening thought and action at all levels of business, organization, community and individual. For more information, please contact me   [email protected]

Qigong is a useful lifestyle intervention for hypertension.
It has been reported to decrease BP smoothly and moderately, slow the progression of severe complications, and reduce mortality.

See these links to NIH research: