Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Dr. Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Doctor of Medical QiGong and Reiki Master 
Healer, Teacher, Speaker

About QiGong

I offer therapeutic sessions as well as teach and promote the ancient system of QiGong [chee-kung] for practice and self-healing. It is a holistic system of healing that combines coordinated movements, breathing, and meditation. The practice originated in China and is traditionally viewed as a way to cultivate, circulate, and manage life energy, or qi (chi). QiGong can be administered as a form of energy medicine in that it can be experienced as a healing therapy to clear, fortify and tonify. this form of treatment is experienced passively (treatment sessions) and/or actively (by prescriptive flow practice) for improved health, well-being and relaxation.

Whether you seek to learn and cultivate a flow practice to incorporate within a healthy lifestyle or you are seeking energy healing, QiGong is a path to explore and experience.


QiGong Classes 

at Green Heiress in Aspinwall

Saturday, July 14, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM