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About QiGong

I offer therapeutic sessions as well as teach and promote the ancient system of QiGong [chee-kung] for practice and self-healing. It is a holistic system of healing that combines coordinated movements, breathing, and meditation. The practice originated in China and is traditionally viewed as a way to cultivate, circulate, and manage life energy, or qi (chi). QiGong can be administered as a form of energy medicine in that it can be experienced as a healing therapy to clear, fortify and tonify. this form of treatment is experienced passively (treatment sessions) and/or actively (by prescriptive flow practice) for improved health, well-being and relaxation.

Whether you seek to learn and cultivate a flow practice to incorporate within a healthy lifestyle or you are seeking energy healing, QiGong is a path to explore and experience.


affording students the opportunity to achieve three certifications across two modalities, Reiki and QiGong are offered several times a year. This allows participants the unique opportunity to be trained in grounding, clearing and protections, Reiki I & II as well as QiGong 5-Element Theory introduction, Tao Yin Five Form and Yin Yang Theory introduction. This course series consists of a minimum of 6 -8 meeting over the course of several weeks. No experience or prior training required.

Please contact me by email for the next available modular certification course.

QiGong Group Classes 

Studio classes at Green Heiress Holistic in Aspinwall are CURRENTLY POSTPONED, 

however, VIRTUAL ZOOM classes are now available!

Please contact me to register for ADVANCED QIGONG 



Pre-register by email

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