Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Doctor of Medical QiGong and Reiki Master

Healer, Teacher, Speaker

Your Guide to Alternative Approaches to Increased Well-Being 


I am Susan M. Amorose and I hold a doctorate and certifications in Medical QiGong. I am a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage and have benefitted from diverse training and teachers of excellence and exposures to much of the world and its people. 

My understandings and perspectives are uniquely POWERFUL because they are truly INTEGRATIVE and holistic.

These insights have been necessary on both my international professional path as well as my journey in personal healing and the healing and teaching of others.

My professional experiences have permitted me the privilege of work and travel throughout the globe, including the Far East. I have many colleagues, clients and students from all over the globe, which has given to me a braodly faceted perspective on both healing and solutions at the personal, cultural, and enterprise levels.

I can teach you to use principles of energy to relate to your own self, times and world. You can apply the insights of these dynamics to your personal experience and improve your health and well-being. You can apply these insights within enterprises toward strengthening teams, grounding initiatives, and developing strategies, as well as approaches to better and more collaborative work environments, habits of awareness, and responsiveness within the workplace and the populations served.


Sunday, November 17th 12 NOON -1:30 PM 

Weeding Your Energy Garden : What stays, what goes, what grows… energy hygiene for everyone 

90 minutes which will change the way you feel, think and radiate with quick and simple ways to practice effective energy hygiene by emphasizing your connection to your energy body, grounding, clearing and protection techniques to see you through any holiday stress, bad day at work or toxic personalities. You will be able to attune to your energy flow, connect to your ground, establish resiliency and release what doesn’t serve or belong to you. Register on Eventbrite.


209 Commercial Avenue

Pittsburgh PA 15215 

Conscious Cafe on Thursday, October 24th 11 AM - 1 PM in Highland Park. We are proud to be featuring author and former CEO of National Wildlife Federation LARRY SCHWEIGER as our guest speaker. Seats are limited, please check out our Facebook page or contact me by email to RSVP. Register on Eventbrite - seating limited, so please register soon.

QiGong Class Series 

at Green Heiress in Aspinwall

Join me for a fun and energy-shifting class!

Whether you are old or new to the practice, and regardless of your condition, QiGong assists in disease prevention and promotes your healing in all areas of experience, including anxiety and chronic health states, and used to offset complications of existing issues. Contact me to register or ask further questions 

Private QiGong 

I work with many people who wish to learn about QiGong, train, coach or heal using QiGong therapeutically. These sessions involve introductions and supported understanding of 5-Element and Yin Yang theories suitable for those of most any age, brand new or established in practice.